Tipping by State

Quartz looked at tens of millions of food transactions using data by Square, a mobile payments company, to see the tipping habits of diners of each state in the U.S. Of course, not every dining establishment accepts Square, but the coffee shop and food truck data is particularly interesting:

At food trucks and coffee shops, there is a wide disparity in tipping behavior between states. More than two-thirds of Alaskans tip at coffee shops but only 19% of people in New Jersey do.

In North Dakota, food-truck goers reward their server 62% of the time, but in New York, the number drops to 22%. In Alabama, it’s barely more than 19%. The national average for food trucks is just above 37%.

See the rest of the data and look at the interactive chart here.

We’ve talked about the debate over tipping at food trucks before, and I always leave a tip, but only leave a tip at coffee shops if I’m ordering an espresso drink or food. What are your habits?

Photo: Aaron Stidwell

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