Thoughts While Considering Buying a Bag of Dried Cranberries

by B. Benson

• Oh look a bag of dried cranberries.

• It’s $6. Is $6 too much for a bag of dried cranberries?

• Are dried cranberries even good for you, or am imagining that right now.

• You’ve been through some things lately and if you want a bag of dried cranberries, you should buy yourself a bag of dried cranberries.

• Seriously though, $6 seems kind of a lot.

• Like, you could get these raisins over there for half the cost.

• Except they are raisins.

• You could put the dried cranberries in a salad, or in oatmeal.

• Or you could just eat a fistful of dried cranberries if you wanted.

• Is this what life is for you now? Standing in a grocery store and staring at a bag of dried cranberries?

• Just buy the cranberries.

• Later you’re going to stare at the bag of dried cranberries in your cabinet and wonder where your life went.

• ♬ In your head, in your head, / Zombie, zombie, zombie ♬

B. Benson is an office drone. Photo: Wikimedia Commons