From the Comments: Slow Cooker Innovation

When B. Benson wrote about the money he has spent in an attempt to save money this year, many of us were most struck by his mention of two little words: “slow cooker.” It seems that if there’s anything that gets you guys talking, it’s kitchen appliances (and this is why you are all the best).

There were many helpful tips, tricks, disavowals, and stew recipes, but there was one comment in particular I haven’t been able to shake. It comes from Billfolder Derbel McDillet, and it kills me in the best way possible:

I will admit leaving my slow cooker on in the bathroom when I’m at work because I also have a fear of my dog pulling it down onto himself. It does seem weird to have my bathroom smell like BBQ for a few days, but it’s worth the peace of mind.

I support this wholeheartedly, though I do have a few questions. Primarily: does your hair smell like meat, and where in the bathroom do you put the slow cooker — the floor? the edge of the sink? Ooh, maybe out of the way in the bathtub?

At any rate, the more I think about this, the more genius it becomes. Let us never live in fear of pets coexisting with slow cookers again! Or else let us put doors on our kitchens! Or live in places with big closets! Where all of our coats smell like vegan chili but we will have saved so much money not going to Chipotle! Hooray.

Photo: cookipediachef