Zagat on Tipping During the Holidays

The longstanding debate: Do you tip on the pre-tax total or the post-tax total? Our data revealed that most people tip post-tax (57%) as opposed to pre-tax (43%). Also the post-tax tip was more common in the South and Midwest (both at 64%) than in the Northeast (55%) or West (54%). Also men are slightly more likely to tip pre-tax (44%), while only 41% of women do this.

We haven’t had a post about tipping in a while! Zagat put together a holiday tipping survey, and some of the responses are very interesting. At our fancy bar this weekend, a friend asked us how much to tip the coat check person, and we felt $2 would do it. Responders answered similarly:

41% said only $1 per coat, 26% said $2 and 25% said they don’t check their coat. Glad we’re not the only cheapskates…

Also this chart is interesting to me because I didn’t realize people tipped their mail carriers and teachers during the holidays:

Though my mother did send me to school with baked cookies to give to my teachers before, which perhaps counted as holiday tipping:

And of course, wine! This means I’m tipping my super with a wine bottle.

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