My Last Hundred Bucks: Coffee and Christmas Presents

by Katie Loeb

Where’d your last hundo go, Katie Loeb?

$6, Coffee and a muffin

$0, Illegal download of I Give It a Year, starring Rose Byrne, Anna Farris, and the hot dude from Devil Wears Prada. It’s a British romcom, so it’s not very romantic, it’s about a married couple who get married and both immediately start having emotional affairs — instantly! It’s a fantastic film.

$2, Coffee and a pocket danish.

$48, Pendleton dash USA dot com. I bought my sister a Pendleton towel for Christmas. She’s going to love it.

20 GBP, which is like thirty bucks or something, a lyric book from Art Brut/Eddie Argos for my brother on Indiegogo. I only paid enough for the book, but I really wanted to also get a painting that said, “Death to everything but guitar music.” I didn’t though.

$6, a frenchie from Murray’s Cheese. Ham and brie and mustard and cornichons, it’s on a baguette. It’s an okay sandwich. I once found a bandaid on it. They were so appalled they didn’t know what to do, but then they figured it out and made me a new sandwich. There was a line but I was like, do you mind if I check it out? I’m sure there is only one bandaid, but I’d feel more comfortable if I checked it out. No bandaid.

$98, Duck Boots from L.L. Bean dot com because it was raining. It stopped raining before I got them.

Katie Loeb lives in New York.

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