A Christmas Poem From a Father to His Son, Who Has Overdrawn His Bank Account

by Lauren K.

My brother is getting his master’s degree in Belgium. His bank account was overdrawn, and here’s how my Dad hilariously responded:

T’was three weeks before Christmas
We heard from your bank
They seemed quite distressed
Your account in the tank

Mom went online to see what’s the matter
$300 overdrawn caused all the clatter
When I found out I wanted to shout
But just like GM you needed a bailout

I drove to the bank as quick as a flash
Filled out a form and took out some cash
I went to your bank with an amount
And deposited $1,500 in your account

In the spirit of good old St. Nick
Don’t spend it too fast
Don’t be a dick
We’ll miss you at Christmas
And try not to sob

In the meantime………..

Get off your ass
And go get a job!!!!

Merry Christmas!



Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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