The Cost to Get Things Moving

by Laurie Spicer

$3, coffee

$4, latte

$7, whiskey

$3, coffee

$3, coffee

$3.99, bag of prunes (just a healthy snack that I love)

$3, coffee

$45, co-pay for doctor’s visit where am told to “eat more ruffage

$3, water

$7.49, stool softener capsules (as prescribed by a doctor)

$12.49, smooth laxative powder packets (FUN SIZE) (as prescribed by a doctor)

$1.29, nail polish, because maybe if I’m buying neon nail polish the teenage cashier will not notice the other constipation-related products

$15, concert ticket I let go unused so I can sit home and wait for the magic to happen

$3, coffee

Laurie Spicer lives in Florida.

Photo by nic sedlock