Professional and Financial Advice from This Month’s Horoscope

Famed astrologist Susan Miller is my career counselor and financial advisor:

• “Your boss may pay for media lessons, or you may sign up for them yourself as a legal tax deduction (check with your accountant to be sure).”

• “You may sell a book idea or a screenplay in the coming months, or you may get a chance to host a TV show.”

• “If you have an idea for a cell phone app, you have the best year in twelve years to hire an app developer to help you.”

• “If you are an actor, you may need to learn new dialects or languages from an acting coach, and if so, you will enthusiastically say, ‘Bring it on!’”

• “If you have been thinking of updating your Facebook or Twitter page, do so this month, and reveal it on July 21.”

• “After July 13, you should be able to get a better grip on your finances.”