McDonald’s Helps You Budget

I received lots of emails from you guys this weekend about McDonald’s and Visa’s ridiculous “budgeting” site for employees, which assumes that workers will work two jobs to earn $24,000 a year to get by, don’t have any children, and doesn’t include groceries or transportation costs like gas in its sample monthly budget (not to mention: retirement). The Youtube video was made by fast food workers who are fighting for fair wages.

The site also includes an introduction video, which I had to stop watching after the host started using a “latte factor” example and talked about how workers shouldn’t be spending $1 a day on gum and candy bars, because it all adds up.

Also, I don’t know what kind of adequate health insurance McDonald’s knows about that costs $20 a month, but if they can give that to their workers, it’ll do a lot more for them than this budgeting site will.