Flynt vs. Flynt

His business isn’t your typical dirty bookstore. In fact, it’s not a bookstore at all. Jimmy sells no magazines, no DVDs. He concentrates on lingerie, T-shirts, lotions, and above all, sex toys — a growth market in the adult entertainment industry. This mix of merchandise makes his business more respectable, since — unlike print and video erotica — lubricants, negligees, and even vibrators are less likely to get a shopkeeper hauled to court. Which is not to say that Flynt Sexy Gifts is exactly wholesome. As we talk, I glance over his shoulder and spot a product — the Pistol Pump with Senso Sleeve. The photo on the box shows the item in question strapped on a naked man’s Smith & Wesson.

Jimmy Flynt had a terrible falling out with his infamous brother Larry a few years ago (over business and money, which unfortunately happens sometimes when family members work together), but has reinvented himself as a seller of “sexy gifts.” The dirty laundry is all laid out in the current issue of Cincinnati Magazine. (“If I die tomorrow, the headline will be ‘Larry Flynt’s brother’ “ he says. “There’s nothing I can change about that.”)