Rental Payment History

This weekend, I received a letter from my landlord notifying me that I owed him one month’s rent because apparently, I had forgotten to pay rent one month two years ago. I freaked out, of course, because A) What? I forgot to pay rent? and B) Unexpected bill! and C) No, seriously, how could I forget to pay my rent?

After closely examining two years of rent payments, it turns out that no, I did not forget to pay my rent one month two years ago — my landlord had forgotten to include one of my rent checks in his ledger. I don’t know why he waited two years to tell me this, but after collecting copies of all my rent checks online and presenting all of them to him, the matter was cleared up this afternoon.

I’m not sure if there’s a lesson here besides: Make sure you have easy access to copies of major payments you’ve made somewhere. Thankfully, Chase had electronic copies of two years’ worth of checks online.