My Last Hundred Bucks: Poof

I took $100 out of the ATM on Sunday. I now have some coins in my wallet. WHERE DID IT GO?!?!!

$20: My share of Cuban food delivery on Sunday. My share was less but I had a twenty and was very happy to have a twenty so I gave it to my friend. Take this money! She was like, I’ll get you change! And I was like, why would you do that just take this money I don’t even care I light money on fire for fun I HAVE FOUR MORE OF THESE.

$6: Individually wrapped packets of “just a handful” of trail mix. Part of a Trader Joe’s trip. I hate the planet and also I wanted to experiment with whether portion control would keep me from eating the whole bag. SO FAR, SO GOOD. I feel like I need to disclose that there are huge chocolate chunks in this trail mix.

$7: Luna Bars. Same TJ trip. These are to keep in my bag so that I don’t get caught in a I NEED FOOD situation that involves a Pret and $12.

$5: Daffodils. TJ’s. Because, spring (ha it’s January).

$30: The rest of my bill at Trader Joes, none of which is memorable. Oatmeal? Apples? Milk? Hummus? I’m falling asleep. I have no idea. I still have nothing to eat.

$The rest: Vanished. Gone. Ice cream maybe? Coffee? Was it stolen? Did elves take it? Is there a meal I forgot about? Did I actually spend one zillion dollars at Trader Joe’s? MAGIC.

If you can remember where your last $100 went, you should tell me.