My Last Hundo: Transpo and Cake Things

by Siri Helleloid

$100! It is a lot of money, and yet, it is also not a lot of money at all. What happened to your last hundo, Siri Helleloid?

$8, Starbucks off the New Jersey Turnpike
Sometimes when you go to NJ for an all day Saturday work event you just need to stop at a Starbucks off the NJ Turnpike and buy a chai latte and a muffin on your way back home.

$50, Refill for a pay-as-you-go NYC Metrocard
The thought that someday New York City might take away their 7% bonus when you put money on a metrocard strikes terror in my heart. I still mourn the days when a monthly unlimited card was less than $100.

$16, MetroNorth ticket to Conn.
I bought a one-way off-peak MetroNorth ticket and met up with my parents and brother and sister-in-law-to-be at an Ikea. Then my parents drove me back into the city where they stayed on my pull out couch. With them, they brought me the handmade wooden Amish drying rack that they had gotten me for Christmas and also, as a surprise, six quarts of pasteurized unrefrigerated milk. (I do not drink milk.)

$30, Key Foods near my apartment
Revised shopping list on the fly and remembered ingredients for birthday cake and homemade ice cream (Amish milk!). Missed some of the key ingredients for the less frivolous meal known as “dinner.”

Siri Helleloid has a really cool name and lives in NYC.