DIY Hostess Snacks

You’ve probably heard from every person you’ve ever followed on Twitter, or elsewhere, that Hostess is going out of business. If you felt suddenly nostalgic for these treats, you might have run out and bought all of the Twinkies at your local supermarket or bodega. Or if you’re me, you might have thought, “There has to be a way to recreate all those products if you really wanted them.” There is: The Times was already on it when they heard about the bankruptcy filing earlier this year. Recipes:

• If you want to recreate the Hostess Cupcake
• If you want to make homemade Twinkies
• And just for the heck of it, recipes for homemade Oreos and Fritos.

Obviously, the most important part of all this is whether or not the homemade stuff tastes any better. A tentative yes, according to the writer: “I ran my project over to the neighbors, where we all squealed with delight at the familiar ooze of cream and that softly yielding vanilla cake. Delicious! Delightful! To bed!”

The taste goes stale after a day or two. That’s the one great thing about those manufactured Hostess snacks — they seemed like they could store forever.

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