How Much Is a Key to Gramercy Park

Wellllll, considering that you have to live in one of the 39 parkside buildings in one of Manhattan’s fanciest neighborhoods, kiiiind of a lot! Each building pays $7,500 a year for access and gets two keys. Residents can can get their own personal key for $350, a fee that has to paid each year as the locks are changed each year and the keys are made so that they CANNOT BE DUPLICATED.

A “$42 million duplex penthouse, at 18 Gramercy Park South,” offers a free key upon closing. The site was “formerly a Salvation Army residence for single women.” Wonder if they got keys to the private park?

Even if you get a key, there are still rules to be followed. Park rules include: “Appropriate behavior and suitable attire;” don’t feed the birds; no dogs or other animals; no wedding photos; no “commercial photography, film crews, and all equipment (tripods, reflectors, etc.);” no “furniture, such as tables and chairs;” AND THE LIST GOES ON.

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