Money: The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Doree Shafrir has written a really well done and somewhat terrifying piece about night terrors.
She describes some her own night terrors — times that, while sleeping, she was sure her dream was reality:
• “They are monitoring my breathing. If I don’t hold my breath and stay completely still, I am going to die. I am not allowed to move at all, or they will know, and they will kill me.”

• “The walls and ceiling and floor are all slowly closing in on me, compressing, so that I will suffocate if I don’t escape.

• “The ceiling is about to cave in on top of me and I will be crushed to death.”

And alongside those nightmares, is this terror, which I vote most likely to still be a thing when you wakeup:
“I need $5,000. I need $5,000 so desperately that if I don’t get it, I’m going to die, and I wake up screaming that I need money.”

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