Living in Tiny Spaces Part II

“To me 300 square feet seems like a palace,” Genevieve Shuler said. The 33-year-old administrative assistant has been living in an apartment even smaller than the micro-apartments envisioned by the mayor. “I dream of, oh my Gosh, what could I do with 300 square feet?”

She has been renting a 105 square feet studio in the West Village for seven years. Shuler says she makes the best use of space: she has a loft bed which utilizes the height of the apartment, and a couch and a small table for TV the space underneath.

WNYC has a story about people who live in smaller spaces than the 300 square feet “micro studios” Mayor Bloomberg is proposing to build in Kips Bay, including a woman who lives in a 105 square-foot studio in the West Village. I personally would find the space too claustrophobic, but, hey, she’s living in the West Village for $800 a month, and if she’s been happy enough with the space to stay there for seven years, more power to her. Oh, and let’s not forget this woman:

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