What We Spend on Booze

I realize it’s morning, but let’s talk about booze for a second. Lam Thuy Vo has been doing a bang up job illustrating how Americans spend on things like food, and this time, Vo is taking a look at booze. Apparently, $1 out of every $100 we spend goes to booze, and that hasn’t changed in 30 years, except booze has gotten cheaper at the store, but more expensive at bars and restaurants.

That’s a shame for social drinkers like me, because I’d say 95 percent of my boozing happens at a bar or restaurant. I’m not the sort of person who drinks at home, and I never drink alone. I do keep liquor at home for guests, but a lot of it is bottom shelf stuff because of this experiment I did for The Awl. I’d like to say it’d be cheaper to invite friends over for drinks instead of going out to a bar, but knowing me, I’d spend a lot of money on snacks, and worry too much about whether or not everyone was having a good time. So, to the bar it is! Who wants to go after work?