How to Date Without a House

Not long ago, I told an old friend that I was living as a hobo. He playfully offered me a handful of change, but I wasn’t joking — I am living as a hobo. A fancy hobo, but still. Unfortunately, I don’t have a bindle, but I do have a polka-dotted suitcase. I don’t mean to belittle the actual homeless, but I’m not slumming it for fun, either. I grew up poor and have always worked my balls off; I’m living this way because I recently fell flat on my face career- and life-wise. …

This is extreme couch surfing. It’s not ideal or permanent, but it’s necessary for the moment. That said, it does put a bit of a damper on my dating life. Clearly, I’m in no position to tend a committed relationship. But, I like people. And I like having sex with people I like. So here are some things I’ve learned about love from my time as a hobo.

— Practical dating tips from a person who sleeps on other people’s couches when she is not sleeping in other people’s beds