Fire? What Fire? (Debt? What Debt?) (Recession? What Recession?)

When things go wrong, there seem to be three main pitfalls to avoid, three ways to fail to rescue. You could choose a wrong plan, an inadequate plan, or no plan at all. Say you’re cooking and you inadvertently set a grease pan on fire. Throwing gasoline on the fire would be a completely wrong plan. Trying to blow the fire out would be inadequate. And ignoring it — “Fire? What fire?” — would be no plan at all.

— Atul Gawande is a doctor/writer/g

enius. In this essay (which is actually a graduation speech but don’t let that hinder you from reading this, SRSLY), he talks about rescue as a life metaphor. Basically: Bad stuff happens, mistakes are made, but as long as you learn something and keep on trucking, you’re golden (I’m learning so much, learning for days).