An Upgrade or a Check?

If you’ve been following along, you know that I bought a new MacBook Pro two weeks ago. You may also know that yesterday, Apple announced that it had updated their MacBook Pro line, making their laptops faster than ever before.

I saw this coming, of course — I knew an update was probably coming, but I didn’t know exactly when, and I had to buy a new laptop right then because I wouldn’t have had a computer to get any work done.

Luckily, I’m on the last day of my 14-day return period, and when I called the Apple store yesterday to ask if I could exchange my laptop for a new version, I was told I could do that today, or get a check for $100.

The Macbook I have does everything I need. I don’t need a faster a computer. I could take the $100 and be perfectly happy (note: I have the 13-inch, so I wouldn’t be getting the 15-inch with the new retina display, which starts at $2,200 and is crazy expensive). Or I could trade my laptop in for one that’s slightly faster, and be happy that I have an updated model.

Would you take the upgrade, or the check?