My Last $100: Food and Uber

I am excited to share some of my finances with you.

Apparently I’m Ahead of the “Buy All Your Groceries Online” Trend

I just put in my Hy-Vee Aisles Online order for February: 28 dinners, 18 pieces of fruit (to eat at lunch with my Huel), and assorted afternoon snacks.

Guess Which New Grocery Store Doesn’t Accept Food Stamps?

Here’s a hint: this store doesn’t take credit cards, either.

What If My Grocery Bill Is So Much Lower Because I’m Using the Online Delivery Service?

I’m not tempted by the latest limited-edition Oreos because I have no idea what they are.

Checking In With My Groceries vs. Toiletries Project

Remember how I said I was going to separate out grocery and household/toiletry spending in 2018?

What Do You Think of This $50 Shopping List?

A week’s worth of food, for one person, for $50.

How Low Can the Grocery Prices Go?

Target just slashed prices to compete with Amazon.

Amazon Whole Foods Starts Today

And the prices are supposed to be… lower?

I’m Beginning to Hate My Grocery Deals App

Why does it always have deals for EXACTLY what I’m planning to buy?

Am I Spending More Money on Groceries Now That I’m Using My Grocery Deals App?

Yes. But not by much, and I’m building a stockpile of food and toiletries.