Monday Check-In

Photo credit: aneye4wonder, CC BY 2.0.

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to check in with our weekend spending.

Last Friday, I estimated that I would spend $10 on a new bus pass and $25 on cottage cheese/yogurt/produce. It turned out to be a 95-degree weekend and I didn’t trust that all that dairy wouldn’t spoil even in the 15 minutes it’d take to bike back from the grocery store, so I put in a $103.30 order for delivery and got a bunch of beans, tofu, shampoo, and other easily-stockpileable stuff.

In addition to seeing¬†Heathers: The Musical¬†on Friday, I also went to the Families Belong Together rally on Saturday. By the end of it I was so hot and sweaty that I decided not to stop by the bus hub to get my bus pass, even though it was just a block from my apartment. (Since it’s just a block from my apartment, I keep telling myself I can get my bus pass any time I want, which will probably end up being five minutes before the next time I need to take a bus.)

On Sunday, I spent $1.50 on a donut because a local bakery just started making donuts and I had to try one.

Total spending: $104.80.

How about you?

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