My Last $100: Target, Tacos, and the Movies

Photo credit: Keith Trice, CC BY 2.0.


Monday is a “weekend day” for my boyfriend and me, so we went to the movies to watch The Shape of Water. I’m not terribly enthused with fantastical romances, but the movie has garnered favorable reviews and besides, out of all the Oscar movies, this one seemed like the most fun and not at all depressing.

$21.18: Because of our work schedules, we normally go to the movies as soon as they open — but we just missed the discounted matinee rate and I paid for the higher ticket prices.

The Shape of Water’s imagery and cinematography were quite beautiful and I haven’t watched a movie in a long time that had me thinking about it for days.

$7.00: After the movies, we grabbed coffees at a new Starbucks that opened in our neighborhood. I know it’s sacrilege to drink Starbucks when there’s much better coffee in Western Washington, but we both actually like the detached and impersonal customer service at any and all Starbucks we visit. Nobody ever asks how our day is going, or why we haven’t visited in a while. I just want to get caffeinated and be sent on our way.

$17.00: Tacos! We haven’t taco-ed in a while and it wasn’t freezing or raining for once, so we went bought carne asada, carnitas, ceviche tacos and drowned everything in red and green hot sauces. We talked about how much we love our city with its endless parking spots, mostly-affordable houses and apartments (although this is changing as I write), and diversity, diversity, diversity.

$8.78: Monday is one of of the better days to go for a Target run! We’re almost out of dishwashing soap and Target has infinite cleaning liquid options. We only use natural and eco-friendly soaps and Honest Company’s dishwashing liquids are on sale. I picked one in “grapefruit grove” and one in “coastal surf.” I’m obsessed with cleaning products and goddamn it, I would buy Aesop if I could afford it.  

$20: I used to drive an SUV and it would cost me $60–$70 each fill-up, and a few years ago when gas prices skyrocketed I paid upwards of $80. It’s so nice to pay $20 and call it a day.


$5: Tuna sandwiches are one of my favorite foods and the deli at this “rich people” grocery store makes the best kind. I know it’s two pieces of small bread and tuna salad in between (literally no lettuce, tomato, cheese or anything else), but it’s the best sandwich. I’ve tried making it many times at home with the same ingredients but it’s just not the same.  

$21.52: I don’t know how I feel about the food-budget shaming happening online in food and personal finance blogs, but all things considered, food is my biggest expense outside of the mortgage and household bills. I don’t have an iPhone or buy Glossier beauty products so, as far as I’m concerned, I can indulge in (sometimes) shopping at higher-end grocery stores. After work, I picked up Essential whole wheat bread, Alaffia coconut shea butter body lotion, and breakfast food (steamed coconut rice with pineapples, almonds, bacon, and a side of breakfast sausages). Work was hard—my biceps are shredded and, as is always the case, I was hungry and necessitating carbs and meat.

Total: $100.48

Ruzielle Ganuelas is a writer, baker and PF nerd in Washington State.

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