The Billfold Needs Your Support

The Billfold has been sharing personal stories about personal finance since 2012. We’ve looked at why the latte factor doesn’t work, interviewed dozens of people about their saving and spending habits, and asked ourselves how Harry Potter would do money.

We’ve also built a community. Our readers have shared their thoughts, learned from each others’ perspectives, and created one of the best comment sections on the internet. (Seriously.)

Now we’re asking our community to help us.

We want to do a lot with The Billfold in 2018: feature more writers, bring back some of our best contributors, start a podcast, have even more conversations about how to manage our money in an ever-changing world.

But — on the subject of an ever-changing world — we’re no longer earning enough from ad revenue to fund the site. It’s not just us; you might have noticed other websites downsizing or shutting down in the past few months.

We don’t want to shut The Billfold down, and we don’t want to put it behind a paywall.

So we’re asking for your support to keep The Billfold going. We’ve launched a Patreon to help fund our site as we move into 2018. With Patreon, you can make a monthly contribution based on your budget (and shift that contribution up or down as your budget changes). We also have goals that we’re hoping we can achieve together.

Since we’re a personal finance site, we know exactly what these kinds of monthly contributions are worth. We hope that you’ll be as excited about growing The Billfold as we are — and yes, you’ll still be able to read the site even if you don’t participate in the Patreon.

Thank you for your support — both now, and for the past five years.

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