Monday Check-In

On the left: the too-small Crocs; on the right: the appropriately-fitting Skechers. Both size 7.

Happy Monday! I have shoes that fit! Let’s check in on our weekend spending!

First of all, I can’t remember who suggested trying Skechers, but wow their shoes have improved. The Memory Foam insoles are so soft and cushiony! I could have bought three pairs but only had the budget to buy one, the Microburst — One Ups, for $66. I estimated that I would spend between $40–100 on shoes, so $66 seems like a fair deal.

I also estimated that I would spend $40 on groceries, and I spent $52.99.

I estimated that I would spend $5.75 on laundry, and I spent $5.75.

But I also spent $18.08 on a Lyft ride—my first one since March 24—because I was meeting up with friends to watch Eurovision and didn’t realize it would take over an hour to get there by bus. (I took the bus back, with a stop at the mall to buy my new shoes.)

Estimated spending: $150.

Actual spending: $142.82.

How about you?

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