Let’s Go to Adulting School!

NYMag takes a look at the $30 day-long program.

Photo credit: m01229, CC BY 2.0.

If you read one piece today that isn’t on The Billfold, make it NYMag’s inside look at Adulting School, where they serve peanut-butter cupcakes and talk about the importance of emergency funds:

Should You Enroll in Adulting School?

Attendees, who had each paid $30 for the all-day event, filled up about half of the 100-seat auditorium. A few trickled in late, during the first presentation on time management.

I see what you did there, NYMag’s Allie Jones.

Adulting School is a real thing, and it’s in Portland, Maine—which took me two reads through the article to figure out; I saw the word “Portland” and assumed—and it costs $30 for a day’s worth of workshops on topics like time management, financial management, and meditation.

The Adulting School | Portland Maine

Jones writes “It was all sort of like hearing the website Lifehacker read aloud,” which was almost as delightful to read as a peanut-butter cupcake is to eat—and, like the best cupcakes, the article left me wanting more.

Would you go to Adulting School, if it were in your area and it only cost $30? Or is The Billfold (and maybe a few other sites but mostly us) your Adulting School?

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