Monday Check-In, Post-Family Wedding Editing

How’d you do, spending-wise?

Symbolic presentations to the bride and groom included fresh produce, fabric, and a broom

I’m so exhausted from Wedding and Family that I can hardly think straight but I can, I hope, still count — more or less.

The car to and from the church on Staten Island cost us about $160, what with tips and tolls. The engagement ceremony itself, which was the first part of my little brother’s three-part wedding, mashed up a few Jewish American touches with a lot of Liberian traditions and some Nigerian ones, as well as more Christianity than I’m exposed to on a usual Saturday. It went well. Lots of music, lots of dancing, lots of speeches, lots of love. Babygirl and I rocked our matching handmade dresses; the bride approved.

The next day, lots of us shlepped into Manhattan, including in the bride and groom, so that the extended family could hang out again, this time more casually, at the Central Park Zoo. On our end, that came to around $40 for subway fare and tickets. My mom, perhaps because she was so grateful to have her three children and three grandchildren all in the same place at the same time, picked up the tab for lunch.

Total cost of a three-borough celebratory weekend: $200, basically what we expected to spend.

How’d you do?

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