Do I Tip the Cat Sitter?

only kinda sorta an excuse to post cat photos

I’m very bad at tipping. That’s not to say that I don’t tip, I’m just not quite up on the etiquette. I’d say that’s my financial weak spot, but I have a million of those, lolz.

While I was in the desert last week, I had a cat sitter visit the above dummy to feed and water him. She came twice, spent half an hour playing with and generally trying to satiate him, and sent me very lovely emails full of lies after each visit (“He’s such a sweet boy! What a darling!”).

Her company charges $20 per visit, which I find super reasonable. I’m not sure what her cut is, however, and now I’m feeling like I should have left her some cookies or something as a thank you, even though I’m paying her actual money. Would that have been appropriate? What is expected? The question of the day is: do I tip the cat sitter?

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