Monday Check-In

Happy Monday! It’s time to check in our weekend spending.

On Friday afternoon, my pals and I picked up a rental car ($62.75 for my share) and hit the road, stopping for gas station snacks ($10) before arriving at our rental house in the sleepy town of Athens, where we were going to have our writers’ retreat ($96.25 for my share of the rental). We dropped by a wine shop ($20.75 for my share) and then the grocery store ($20 for my share), and decided to have dinner at possibly the only restaurant open in town ($23.50) so we could put together our writing game plan.

We made breakfast on Saturday morning, and then got right to work: brainstorming, researching, writing notes, and sharing ideas with each other. In the late afternoon, we took a break to take a hike through town and walk through a cemetery. We returned to our rental to collaborate on some more writing, and then drove to Hudson for dinner ($31). We rented a movie ($6), went to bed, and then got our house in order the next morning before heading back to the city. I had under-estimated at $200 and spent $283.

How about you? How’d your weekends go?

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