On Dan Price

We’ve posted a lot about Dan Price, the Gravity Payments CEO who made news when he raised his employees’ minimum salary to $70,000 a year, here on The Billfold.

Today, Bloomberg Business published a story indicating that Dan Price may have physically abused his ex-wife prior to their divorce. (The Bloomberg Business story also poked a few holes in Price’s business practices, but that seems trivial by comparison.)

Domestic abuse is not The Billfold’s beat, and while it goes against my personal morals to say “Dan Price did this because I read it in an article!” I also believe that we need to pay attention when women tell these stories.

Read the Bloomberg Business piece on your own — I’m not quoting it here because it would definitely be triggering for some people — and take what you will from it. We’re sharing it with you because you all shared it with us, which means it is something that is on many Billfold readers’ minds today.

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