Snacking at Work

I dropped by Trader Joe’s the other day on my way to work and dropped a bunch of money on snacks to take back with me to the office. Trader Joe’s is not my go-to destination for groceries (I find much better produce at other stores), but it’s definitely my go-to destination for snacks, which, for whatever reason, is more important for me to have at work than it is for me to have at home.

My favorite TJ’s snacks are as follows: dry salted almonds, cashews and chocolate, sesame pretzels, seasoned kale chips, dark chocolate peanut butter cups, wasabi peas, string cheese, pita chips and hummus.

I thought about this because Lucky Peach posted part two of their power rankings of Trader Joe’s snacks, with “Partially Popped Popcorn” and “Wasabi Roasted Seaweed Snack” coming in as tasting the best (Chocolatey Coated Chocolate Chip Dunkers came in as the tastiest in part one).

There are tons of companies out there dedicated to providing “healthy” snacks for the workplace (NatureBox comes to mind — they’re advertised on tons of podcasts), and publications love telling you what you should be snacking on at work.

What do the snacks you keep on hand while working say about you? Nothing, really, though back in the early days of this site, The Toast’s Mallory Ortberg told me that Clif Bars make for terrible snacks, as does hummus.

Photo: David Fulmer

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