Rationalizing Adorable, Impractical Online Purchases

Meaghan:: Um, can I buy baby booties for $60 with tax and shipping? No, right?

Mike: Hah I mean if you need them. If they are just cute, um, maybe close the tab


Mike: You know that baby clothes last for like, 5 days and then they grow out of it

Meaghan: Definitely. Also we just bought him functional winter booties that were a third of this price. Also they are 0–6 months and he’s 5 months and generally follows the size guidelines. But I mean, look at them.

Mike: Omg. Hah, they are very cute

Meaghan: I put in my card info then saw the shipping and tax and was like WAIT WHAT AM I DOING?

Mike: The Cost of Being Cute For One Month

Three minutes pass

Meaghan: I bought them, hah.

Mike: Omg, lol.

Meaghan: Twitter peer pressured me.

Mike: Twitter Peer Pressured Me to Spend.

Meaghan Okay here is my rationalization: It’s Of a Kind, a small business I like to support, there are only 40 pairs available, and they would make a GREAT baby gift for someone else, if/when I get them and they are too small already.

Mike: And if he doesn’t eat them.

Meaghan: “Here are the booties you may have seen my baby wearing on Instagram.”

Meaghan: Maybe he can be an Ofakind model and earn back his booties?

Mike: Yes! Learn the value of hard work at a young age.

40 minutes pass

Meaghan: I feel like I shouldn’t have bought the booties, like maybe the fact that I did is a clue to what will be the ruination of me. BUT I still think they’d make a great gift, and if I continue to feel bad about it, I know exactly who I will give them to.

Mike: Are they not returnable?

Meaghan: Ssh. I don’t even know.

Mike: Hah, I’m sure they are

Meaghan: Ok yes within 14 days. You pay shipping

Mike: Sunk costs

Meaghan: Reason to keep

Photo via Of a Kind

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