The One With the Spontaneous Trip

by Mike Dang and Logan Sachon

Mike: Logan, I just impulse-purchased a flight to S.F. right now. I have no idea where I am staying.

Logan: !!!!! OMG I’M SO PROUD OF YOU. When did you decide??

Mike: Right now. This moment. With no plans. I just did it because JetBlue was giving a discount.

Logan: Great airline. Best airline. How long are you there for?

Mike: Five days. You had to book a flight that leaves pretty much immediately. And you had to return in five days, so I chose to stay as late as I could.

Logan: So cool.

Mike: The ticket was $100 roundtrip with the discount. Which is why I impulse-bought it.

Logan: HOLY SHIT — that’s free basically?

Mike: Haha, it was literally a 90 percent discount.

Logan: Amazing amazing.

Mike: JetBlue was having this crazy thing where when it hit 90 degrees in the city, you got a 90 percent discount. You had to book something for the next day. Also, there were a lot of error messages and seats that would disappear. It took me 40 minutes to actually book something because things kept selling out.

Logan: You have the most amazing plane ticket stories.

Mike: Really just this one, and two years ago when I found a ticket to Spain for $250. Omg, Logan, you can do it too. Do it now. It’s still hot in New York.

Logan: Haha.

Mike: You could maybe get a ticket to Virginia to see your family.

Logan: Nonononoono. Not part of my budget plan right now. I have to work!

Mike: Ahhh! I forgot about the restaurant job for a moment. It would have been like $40 to Virginia I bet. Since it’s $100 to S.F.

Logan: I’m really excited for you though.

Mike: And it might be hard for you to get the time off.

Logan: And traveling is more than the plane ticket. This is the kind of thing that when I had credit cards I’d totally do, but now that it’s like actual money, I’m much more aware of how much it will really end up being. Cuz you know, I’ll be in that airport being like, the ticket was 100 bucks, GIVE ME 12 BLOODY MARYS!!!

Mike: Hahah. I have $400 in my vacation savings fund, so that’s what I’ll be spending. I mean, I was going to pick a city that I haven’t been to yet. But I decided I should pick a city where I know I can stay with friends. I almost booked a ticket to South Carolina at first. And then I looked at hotel prices and was like, NOPE!

Logan: OMG, it would be so hot down there. S.F. great choice!