‘Dear New TFA Recruits: I Am Asking You to Quit’

But, instead of responding to community need, TFA has instead decided to partner with the very people causing the destructive, divisive, cruel chaos of current education reform policy. While school budgets are being slashed around the country, TFA has fundraisers raising millions of dollars in a single night, partners with corporate brands like J Crew or JC Penny to raise yet more money. And still TFA requires districts to hand over thousands of dollars per recruit and pay a full, first-year teacher salary. TFA also lobbies state governments to give up millions in precious funding and convinced the Federal Department of Education to give up tens of millions to this organization. With over 250 million dollars in reserves, TFA still never offers to pay CM salaries to help struggling districts or waive “finder’s fees” for a vast majority of placements. Luckily, some states are finally pushing back.

Katie Osgood, a special education teacher in Chicago, has an “Open Letter to New Teach for America Recruits” asking them to quit.

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Photo: Paul Lowry

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