How Your Cocktails Get Their Names

“’Yeah, it’s all meta and referential and everything,’ Myers said. ‘I feel for those guys in the 19th century. They didn’t have any thing to play off of.’”

I will not order a cocktail if it has a dumb name. I will pick anything other than the cocktail with a dumb name. If it can’t be avoided, I will point to it. “This one,” I’ll say. Or “the gin one.” Won’t say the dumb name. “I’ll take the Razz-Ma-Tazz.” No. Not doing it. This article is delightful though. Very soothing. Or I imagine it would be. I’m kind of hungover so it made me queesy and I couldn’t finish it. But definitely will later. And I thought you should know about it. Artisanal cocktails need to be bought. This will make you want to buy one. Economic stimulus. Doing my part for the economy.