Golden Housemates

“I’m in my 50s, and my friends are all talking about, ‘Could we all move in together? Could we buy an apartment building and all live together?’ There are all sorts of permutations of this conversation,” Kelly says. “But it really is something that people are thinking about, particularly women.”

And, because boomers are boomers, some are doing more than just thinking about it. Already, there’s a small but apparently growing movement of boomer women forming group houses with their single peers.

Aging, unmarried boomers are considering who will take care of them when they’re too old to care for themselves — nieces and nephews, perhaps? — and they’re increasingly looking at shared housing situations. Hey, that reminds us of something …

Yeah, the Golden Girls did this ages ago, boomers.

— Evie Nagy (@EvieN) May 23, 2013

I’d be down to do this in 40 years (contingency plans!).

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