BBQ, KFC, In-N-Out

Their eating took place over the past eight months. In all, they logged 33,168 miles and visited 658 places, the most ever in the history of our top fifty list. In case you can’t tell, we take this pretty seriously.

Every five years, Texas Monthly releases their list of Top 50 BBQ joints in Texas. BRB, flying to Texas to eat all of the BBQ.

In other food news, here is a story about smugglers bringing KFC into Gaza from Egypt:

The French fries arrive soggy, the chicken having long since lost its crunch. A 12-piece bucket goes for about $27 here — more than twice the $11.50 it costs just across the border in Egypt.

Which reminds me of this post in Serious Eats about someone who convinced his friend to ship him In-N-Out burgers from California overnight so he could try to replicate them in New York.

It’s lunchtime, and I’m hungry, can you tell?

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