My Last Hundred Bucks: Shopping for Beauty, Eating for Sustenance, Drinking for Milestones

by LaToya Jovena

Where’d your last hundo go, LaToya Jovena?
$28.08, beauty products from online beauty shop. I could have gotten comparable items much cheaper at any drug store, but I had a gift card to this specific store. Still, not a bad price if I think of the gift cards as a discount because my entire order was over $50.

$9.25, burrito from Chipotle. Plus gauc.

$2.25, parking fees. 75 cents of this is the cost of parking outside of Chipotle, while the rest is the cost I accidentally overpaid because the meter I put my bank card into was malfunctioning. I called to complain, but do I really want to chase down “the man” for $1.50?

$49.35, full tank of gas. This will hopefully get me to work, back home, and where ever else I need to go for a full pay period. Doubtful, but hopeful.

$38, bottles of flavored vodka and seltzer. To celebrate my first joint tax filing with my husband, (we’re newlyweds)! All the cards on the table — cheers! Easier to make financial decisions — cheers! Actually receiving a refund — cheers! One lump sum directly deposited to one joint checking account — cheers! Here’s to hoping we don’t spend it all before we actually receive it.

LaToya Jovena likes hanging out with her husband and puppy. // photo by sanberdoo

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