My Last Hundred Bucks: A Sad Little Saga of Straphangery

by Blair Thornburgh

$100! It is a lot of money, and yet, it is also not a lot of money at all. What happened to your last hundo, Blair Thornburgh?

$34.50, Weekly TrailPass (Zone ) Because I now 1.) live in Philadelphia, 3.) work in Philadelphia but 3.) not the same parts of Philadelphia and 4.) I am not going to drive, even though I have a car that I love, because parking sucks.

$42.50, Ten-trip ticket booklet (Zone 2) Because this morning I 1.) took the train for the second time, 2.) left my TrailPass, which I had not yet emblazoned with my phone number, jauntily shoved into the ticketholder, and 3.) had no means of recourse because Philadelphia is not yet modern enough in its transit system to enable you to get a refund for a lost pass bought by credit card, even if you see the same ticket lady as you did the first time and make sad eyes. Yes, 4.), I felt really, really stupid

$25, Zipcar membership I forgot I have Apparently they bill every January! Though I don’t even need it anymore since at this point I am VERY WELL TAKEN CARE OF in terms of methods to get around my hometown, because 1.) screw it.

Blair Thornburgh gets around.

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