More Free Things For Owners of Vaginas

Solid week for broke vagina-owners. Really solid week. Birth control can now be had for free, if not in reality then at least in spirit, and now there are free purple vibrators with interchangeable heads and three speeds being given out on the streets of Manhattan.

A Billfold correspondent, who shall remain nameless because she is worried that her employer will frown upon the fact that she “peaced out for a while to get an electric dong in the middle of the work day” (this is the state of women in the workplace, America — women shrouded behind anonymity, afraid to acknowledge their want, nay, need for low-cost and no-cost self-pleasuring devices), reports: “An AP reporter immediately walked up to us and asked if we’d read 50 Shades of Grey.” (No, is the answer to that.)

Gothamist has the schedule and locations for this promotional stunt if you’re interested. And why wouldn’t you be interested.

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