I Guess I’m Wealthy? Weird.

I didn’t expect to land a six-figure job offer.

How I Solved the “Food Problem”

I haven’t cooked in nine months. It wasn’t my intention to go this long without cooking so much as a bowl of quinoa, but here I am.

What We Owe to Each Other (More Specifically, Family)

These days, my only active and very real financial concern is the one I carry for my family.

How I Learned to Give Back — And What It Taught Me

An interesting and unexpected thing happened once I decided to be more generous with the rest of the world — I became more generous with myself.

The BugZooka Is My Favorite Unnecessary Purchase

The first time I successfully trapped an unsuspecting insect, I laughed maniacally with glee.

How an Executive at a Technology Company in His Fifties Does Money

I make more than $500K annually, but less than $700K.

Subsisting on Convenience Foods

I haven’t cooked in months, and yet I’m still alive.

The Cost of My Newfound Knitting Habit and the Unforgiving Quest for Gauge

After knitting my first scarf, I decided I was ready to knit a sweater.

Buying Into the Lures of “The Wonder Wash,” a Portable, Non-electric, Laundry Hacking Device

City Composting — A Yuppie Hippie Monetary Conundrum

How I Ended Up with $3.64 and Change to Last Until Pay Day

A Home of One’s Own: It Starts With a Series of Questions