A $300 Question of the Day

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This question of the day comes from one of our readers, who emailed to say:

“I just looked up the prices for the Cubs Cardinals series and standing room only tickets are close to $300. The same thing happened with the Blackhawks playoff games. $700 for standing room only. I really wish I could find some people who are paying these prices to be interviewed by y’all. It’s not vices month, but man do I want to know what justifies that spending. What if your team loses?!”

A very good question! When the team you root for is doing well, how much would you pay to be there live? I nearly paid $300 last month for U.S. Open women’s final tickets; I was hoping to see Serena make history (in the end, I couldn’t justify spending the money, and Serena was out in the semi-finals).

What’s the most you would pay for a sporting event?

Also, if you’re one of these people who would and does pay $700 for a sporting event, we’d love to interview you: notes@thebillfold.com

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