Ever Wish You Could Buy An Accelerated Wine-Making Device For The Home?

Happy Friday, everyone! Here is a video of some guys in matching zip-up sweaters telling us they’ve found a way to turn water into wine. Okay, that ‘way’ involves ‘adding the ingredients necessary to make wine’ but still: JESUS STUFF.

The Miracle Machine (yep) is “an accelerated wine-making device for the home” that sets out to make wine that imitates the exact flavors of much fancier, actual wines at a fraction of the price and in a fraction of the time.

Like all modern miracles, the wine machine comes an app that monitors the fermentation process and alerts you when your wine is ready.

It does not exist yet, but the website lists the device at $499. According to the FAQ, they hope to sell the ingredients themselves for $10/month, enough to make a bottle of wine a week.


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