I Know I Know, Freedom (“Freedom”)

This NYT article about immigrant doctors who can’t practice medicine in the U.S. because it’s expensive and takes 1 zillion years to get retrained and do the residency is really annoying! I mean! Read this! (“Hemamani Karuppiaharjunan, 40, was a dentist in her native India, which she left in 2000 to join her husband in the United States. She decided that going back to dentistry school in the United States while having two young children would be prohibitively time-consuming and expensive. Instead, she enrolled in a two-year dental hygiene program at Bergen Community College in Paramus, N.J., which cost her $30,000 instead of the $150,000 she would have needed to attend dental school. She graduated in 2012 at the top of her class and earns $42 an hour now, about half what she might make as a dentist in her area. The loss of status has been harder.”)

Got that?? She had to spend $30K so that she could do a job that she already knew how to do. Why does anyone move here honestly.

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