One Memorable LSAT Experience

I didn’t know that, the very next year, I would find my own dream internship and develop a raging crush on one of the higher-ups there. Or that, at later jobs, I would have to reckon with older men looking to break boundaries, including one popular colleague who would ask me to fetch his wallet from the pants he was wearing. I didn’t consider that Monica was probably just one of many who had shown up to the test that day looking to flee the wobbly present for a steadier future. I didn’t think about any of this, because I was still a kid, and she was just a joke.

Kate Levin has an essay at The Paris Review recalling a time when she half-heartedly pursued law school, and encountered Monica Lewinsky while taking the LSATs. Also: possibly inappropriate raging crushes in workplaces situations — I think many of us have been there.


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