Must Have Skills for Getting Must Have Jobs In Our Trying Economic Times

The WSJ has a quick list of FOUR MUST-HAVE JOB SKILLS to land a job in 2013! My favorite must have job skill for landing a job in 2013: PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT. Writes the WSJ: “In 2013, workers should find new ways to increase productivity, experts say. Executives are looking for a 20% improvement in employee performance next year from current levels.”

SO BASICALLY, if you want 1 job, you need to be prepared to do 2–3 jobs (but don’t expect to get paid for more than the 1, actually expect to get paid for probably less than the 1). Ahhhh.

The actual most-important skill for getting a job — “Knowing someone who can get you a job” — isn’t on the list, but maybe it’s just so obvious as to be implied.


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