Someone Will Look At Your Resume for $5

You know how sometimes you send in your resume for a job you really want, and then you don’t hear back, so you wonder if the company or person you sent your resume to even looked at it? Would you pay $5 to make sure someone read your resume? That’s basically the service a startup in Chicago is willing to provide job-seekers on their site, which works with companies like Aflac and DraftFCB. The theory is that companies will know you’re serious about applying for a job if you put some money down, and if a company doesn’t read your resume, you get your $5 back, so at least you know what actually happened with your application.

Personally, I wouldn’t pay to apply for a job because that sounds a little scammy. Also, it seems unfair to people who literally don’t have $5 to apply for a job. And if you apply to 10 jobs, and don’t get any of them, losing $50 is just more salt in your wound.

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