The Mountains We Climb

Logan and I climbed a mountain this weekend. This is not a metaphor for paying off a significant chunk of debt, or realizing that our site has now existed for two whole months (those are still mountains we are climbing). Nope — we climbed an actual mountain (this one). After we reached the summit, we raced back down and rewarded ourselves with $2.75 ice cream cones: I got a scoop of lavender, while Logan got a scoop with everything imaginable called “the kitchen sink.”

We climbed a mountain, took a took a train back into the city, and stared at a castle, and the stillness of the Hudson river.

Back at home, the mountains to climb were three weeks worth of laundry, grocery shopping, and catching up on freelance work. I turned down a dinner reservation with friends because, frankly, I couldn’t afford to spend the money or the time away from the work I had left to be done on a Sunday. I stayed home and cooked a big meal I could eat for the week, and did the work I had left for Sunday evening. I did these things so that I could face Monday, which is a little cold and gloomy this morning.

What were the mountains you climbed this weekend?