Make Credit Card Companies Stop Sending You Offers

Another day, another credit card offer in the mail. This one from CREDIT ONE BANK for a super unattractive 23.9% APR, PLUS a $75/year membership fee that increases to $99/year after the first year. THIS DEAL IS JUST TOO GOOD (it’s terrible and awful and the worst).

But: There was a time when I would have been tempted by this offer! Because: Free money now, and I don’t have deal with those other things until later (how sad, right?) Even though I’m off the stuff, I still find it taxing to have daily reminders of my main life problem in my mailbox. And so: I’m opting out! And you can, too.

Go here, and then fill in the things. You have to give your SSN, but it’s cool — I found this link through the FTC site, and it’s run by the major credit reporting agencies. The site provides reasons you might want to continue to receive these delightful offers, and they are hilarious, and also a stretch (BUYING POWER LOL):

  • Consumers are provided with product choices
  • Consumers learn about and have an opportunity to take advantage of offers that may not be available to the general public
  • Firm offers help consumers to “comparison shop”, which may increase a consumer’s buying power.

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